Services & Products

Sales & Marketing

  • Our team of highly committed and experienced people will ensure a commercial driven attitude with a decisive sales agenda.
  • We are pro-active in the local market and know how to quickly adapt to rates fluctuations based on demand and supply.
  • Our aggressive market entry approach will establish swift commercial activity and high-level positioning on behalf of the airlines.

Reservations, Operations & Customer Services

  • From booking, cargo handling, trucking and tracing solutions to customs and documentations management, we work with the most efficient and experienced team to offer our customers the best service available.
  • We are available for you 24/7 and provide our GSA services anywhere, anytime.

Sales Reporting & Stock Control

  • Our accounting department handles sales reports, billing, payments, collection, stock control and any financial aspect related to the airline and its activities in Israel.


  • We have proven experience with operating charters around the globe. Our expertise is based on fulfilling our customers' needs to meet with the airlines regulations and standards.

Pharma, Perishable & Sensitive Cargo

  • We often handle perishable and agriculture products as well as sensitive cargo such as pharmaceutical and medicine. This type of shipment requires temperature controlled transportation monitored along the way - including the trucks, warehouses, cargo terminals, aircrafts – up to the end-customers.

Post & E-commerce

  • We transport postal mail, parcels, courier and E-commerce products on all continents, ensuring speedy process and on-time delivery.

Dangerous Goods (DGR)

  • We are licensed to handle DGR cargo as classified by IATA so don’t hesitate to contact us for a specific quote.